Roman Reigns got a playa like…





ha im a piece of trash

As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up.
Is seven okay?

you smooth fucker

*slam dunks this post into the trash*




Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Click here to watch the video

This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

A message from Anonymous

deena, can u write me a daddy!yongguk short fic?? i have a yg feeling rn


I’m too scared to.

I’d be here for it. My Yongguk feels have been through the ROOF lately.




I am crying I love this too much

This dude fell asleep at the wheel and is suing the manufacturer of the guardrail because it speared into him instead of slowing down the car.

Like….you fell asleep at the wheel dude!!!!!

Artists always do interviews! Beyonce does interviews! And even if she doesn’t do as much now, she did a whole BUNCH as she grew into her career. So Nyemiah needs to quit with that. Answer some fucking questions. You aint gonna get where you want without it so suck it up.

And even beyond that, people want to get to KNOW who they’re supporting, to know if you’re an ass or not. To know who the fuck you are on a fundamental level. You aint gotta get deep, but you can answer a question, put your personality out there, and even if you turn down a question, redirect that shit in a fun way. Ugh, she needs a fucking PR person. She aint gonna get nowhere without learning how to properly interview and talk to people.

Tank hella fucked up for doing that stylist shit to Siya.

Nyemiah really needs to learn how to interview and PR because who the hell is going to want to work with her and put her on with her acting like that?


Luck for excessgoldenparachutepayments


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crN Your Side // DO NOT EDIT

some sunshine to brighten your day ♥


i was taking pictures of the new puppy


when i look out the window to see the older dog just